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   For Category: "Horror"
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1. The Weird Circle: Time Worn Pages
Item #: 49202
Media: CD
Description: Bell keeper, toll the bell! Here come stories of the mysterious, the uncanny, and the supernatural...
Was: $31.95  Now: $27.16 you save 15%

2. The Weird Circle: Restless Sea
Item #: 47652
Media: CD
Description: "In this cave by the restless sea, we are met to call from out of the past stories strange and...
Was: $31.95  Now: $27.16 you save 15%

3. Inner Sanctum: Pattern For Fear
Item #: 47642
Media: CD
Description: Step into radio's legendary house of horrors. The only program on the air to combine pitch-dark...
Was: $31.95  Now: $28.76 you save 10%

4. Inner Sanctum: Shadows of Death
Item #: 46882
Media: CD
Description: "Alright friends, let's stop all this ghoulishness and let's get grim. Hmmm? Now remember our...
Price: $31.95

5. Great Radio Horror
Item #: 46332
Media: CD
Description: The screams…the grisly sound effects…the rumbling organ music. Sounds in the dark come...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%

6. Lights Out: Later Than You Think
Item #: 46282
Media: CD
Description: "This is the witching hour! It is an hour when dogs howl, and evil things are let loose on a...
Was: $39.98  Now: $33.98 you save 15%

7. Lights Out, Everybody
Item #: 45732
Media: CD

Radio's premier showcase for heart-stopping horror is...
Was: $39.98  Now: $33.98 you save 15%


8. Dark Fantasy: Adventures in the Supernatural
Item #: 45212
Media: CD
Description: Living up to its evocative name, Dark Fantasy is filled with strange stories to stir the...
Was: $39.98  Now: $33.98 you save 15%

9. The Witch's Tale
Item #: 44752
Media: CD
Description: Alonzo Deen Cole, creator of The Witch's Tale, once said, "People like to be scared, just as they...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%

Item #: 7033
Media: CD
Description: The Weird Circle aired from 1943 through 1947 over the Mutual Broadcasting System, adapting classic...
Price: $4.98


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