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Lum & Abner Volume 3

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 45082
Was: $35.95    Now: $32.36

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The boys from Pine Ridge get quite an education when the town finds itself in need of a new school teacher. The candidate they hire is eminently qualified - and not at all what president of the school board, Lum Edwards, had in mind!

Professor Sloane, tireless in the pursuit of knowledge, spearheads ambitious plans for an observatory, a rocket ship, and a trip to Mars - manned by none other than Lum and Abner! With financial backing from the unscrupulous Squire Skimp, the duo declares themselves "scientifics" and set their sights on the stars.

Chester Lauck and Norris Goff star in 37 consecutive digitally restored and remastered episodes.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Mousey Wants to Be New Teacher 09-16-42, Teacher Named Sloane 09-17-42, Play With Penny Weighing Machine 09-21-42, Is Sloane a He or a She? 09-22-42, A Date With Professor Sloane 09-23-42, V for Victory Homes 09-24-42, Not Doing Things Lum's Way 09-28-42, Sloane and Widder Abernathy Together 09-29-42, Love Letter From Sloane to Widder 09-30-42, No One Can Read Letter 10-01-42, Name New Observatory After Lum 10-05-42, Scout Location for Observatory 10-06-42, To Invest in Observatory 10-07-42, To Join the Army 10-08-42, Cedric Will Pick Up Telescope 10-12-42, Necessity is the Mother of Invention 10-13-42, To Cheer Up Professor Sloane 10-14-42, Lum Substitute Teacher 10-15-42, To Buy Observatory Property 10-19-42, Squire is Up to His Old Tricks Again 10-20-42, Cleaning Old House 10-21-42, Meteorologist 10-22-42, Idea For a Rocket Ship to Mars 10-26-42, Mousey Wants to Go On Flight to Mars 10-27-42, How to Build a Rocket Ship 10-28-42, Manage Trip to Mars 10-29-42, Squire Treasurer For Mars Expedition 11-02-42, Plan Their Landing On Mars 11-03-42, Corporate Meeting at Squire's House 11-04-42, Meat Rationing 11-05-42, Abner and Cedric Varnish the Rocket Ship 11-09-42, Squire Wants to Resign as Treasurer 11-10-42, Talks Squire Out of Resigning 11-11-42, Unveiling Ceremony 11-12-42, Trouble Getting Rocket Out of Observatory 11-16-42, Mars Launch is Tomorrow 11-17-42, Blast Goes Off Prematurely 11-18-42

Please note: This CD-R product is manufactured on demand using recordable media. This allows us to make a wider range of series and episodes available.

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