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Product Details



Harry Nile: Vendetta

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 49432
Price: $31.95

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From out of the rain-fogged nights of 1940s Seattle strides the thinking-listener's private investigator on the trail of crime, intrigue and mystery! Tune in to The Adventures of Harry Nile, produced by modern radio legend Jim French. Larry Albert and Mary Anne Dorward star in eighteen radio tales produced in the classic style!

Harry steps in when a school reunion has gone wrong, when a statue’s been swiped, and when death finds a homicide detective. Not to mention Murphy, his college in crime solving, who makes some moves of her own!This 8 CD collection also includes three more installments of the "War Comes To Harry Nile" storyline.

Episodes Include: What Would Harry Do 02-12-2012; A Minor Detail: War Comes To Harry Nile Chapter 12 03-18-2012; The Effect: War Comes To Harry Nile Chapter 13 04-29-2012; Five Feet Under 05-20-2012; The Case Of The Bronze Horse 06-10-2012; The Big Kiss Off 07-15-2012; It's Kind Of A Funny Story 09-09-2012; The Nazi Next Door: War Comes to Harry Nile Chapter 14 10-14-2012; Bad Blood 11-11-2012; Harry, A Kid and A Tree 12-16-2012; The Moxie Sisters 01-27-2013; Vendetta 02-17-2013; Eighty Miles Of Bad Road 03-10-2013; It’s Complicated 04-21-2013; Blood On The Snow 05-19-2013; Ghost 06-09-2013; It's More Complicated Than You Think 07-14-2013; A Thief's Duty 09-8-2013


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