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Product Details



Lum & Abner: Volume 15

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 49412
Price: $35.95

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It's a busy winter down in Pine Ridge! You'll find a whole lot going on at the Jot-em-Down Store, as Lum and Abner return for two full months' worth of silliness and struggles. What happens when Abner sets himself up as a marriage expert? Will Lum ever recover from his terrifying experience with hair dye? There’s only one way to find out. Tune in for 36 consecutive episodes from 1944-45. Chester Lauck and Norris Goff are back as your favorite old fellers from the Ozarks!

Episodes Include: Abner Enjoys a Bum's Life 12-11-44; Elizabeth Wants Abner Back 12-12-44; Lum May Become a Bum Also 12-13-44; Letter From Pearl 12-14-44; Abner and Marriage Advice 12-18-44; Doc Peabody Advice Bureau 12-19-44; Wanting to Hear Town Gossip 12-20-44; Christmas Leather Desk Set 12-21-44; Christmas Story 12-25-44; Lum's Appointment With Doc 12-26-44; Abner Gives Lum Advice 12-27-44; Lum's Romantical Speech 12-28-44; New Year's Day at Abner's 01-01-45; Baritone Singer Lum 01-02-45; Lum in Singing Contest In Hot Springs 01-03-45; To Get out of Contest 01-04-45; Phinus Helps Abner in Store 01-08-45; Ira Hodgekins Wants Advice 01-09-45; Ira and His Wife Trade Jobs 01-10-45; Abner's Plan Not Working 01-11-45; Lum's 1st Prize Ribbon 01-15-45; Details of Contest 01-16-45; Lum to Sing at Charity 01-17-45; Newspaper Article About Lum 01-18-45; Lum Sang at Bazaar Saturday 01-22-45; Shortage of Nurses Overseas 01-23-45; The Truth About Lum's Prize 01-24-45; Miss Emaline Is Happy 01-25-45; Lum's Hair the Wrong Color 01-29-45; Lum Tries to Hide Hair 01-30-45; Groundhog Day 01-31-45; Insurance with Loopholes 01-02-45; Lum Will Have Hair Bleached 02-05-45; Wrong Idea About Lum 02-06-45; Beauty Shop Bill, $24.50 02-07-45; $2,500 for Hill Property 02-08-45; Lum and Abner Camp Out 02-12-45; Old Abandoned Silver Mine 02-13-45; Shopping for a Valentine 02-14-45; Cave In Traps Lum and Abner 02-15-45

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