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Product Details



Imagination Theater: Weird and Strange Fantasy

Category: Adventure
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 49392
Was: $31.95    Now: $28.76

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Head to distant worlds and alternate futures! Explore the limitless potential for twists and turns when stories are fueled by the infinite power of imagination! Here are twenty-four thought-provoking tales as up-to-date as tomorrow. It's new-time radio in the classic old-time-radio manner, from the mind of producer Jim French.

In this collection, you'll hear favorites from his stock company (Larry Albert, Pat French, and Phil Harper), actors from radio's "Golden Age" (Harry Bartell, Sandra Gould, and Larry Dobkin), and performers better known for their television work (Harry Anderson and Dawn Wells). You'll even hear Peggy Jordan (the granddaughter of Jim and Marian Jordan).

Episodes Include: The Glory Hole 02-16-1992; Signs Of Rain 03-03-1994; Encore 05-15-1994; The Candlewyck Particle 05-29-1994; Time Zone 08-21-1994; The Helmet 09-27-1994; Quirk 05-06-1995; The Bouganville Giant 08-20-1995; Chet Avery's Lot 11-26-1995; The Mannequin 08-24-1996; Static 02-09-1997; The Hole In The Sky 07-27-1997; Side Effect 08-10-1997; The Tide Pool 08-19-1997; Rule 7 04-12-1998; Second Ending 07-05-1998; Smoke 09-26-1998; The Projectionist 03-07-1999; Storybook Inn 01-21-2001; Transfer 06-03-2001; Star Crossed 08-18-2002; Cargo On The Run 06-17-2007; Sky Speak 07-20-2008; The Genetic Lottery 11-23-2008


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