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Product Details



David Harding, Counter-Spy

Category: Adventure
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 49372
Was: $31.95    Now: $28.76

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Wherever there are spies…there are counter-spies! From wartime espionage to postwar intrigue, secret operative David Harding is on the job protecting our nation's secrets! In this suspenseful series, produced by radio legend Phillips H. Lord, the stories were works of fiction…but the plots were often based on actual events.Don McLaughlin stars as Harding in these tension-packed radio adventures, along with Mandel Kramer as Harry Peters. The virtuous and the villains are played by Ed Begley, Art Carney, Bennett Kilpack, Shirley Mitchell, Raymond Edward Johnson, Elspeth Eric, Maurice Tarplin, and more. Includes a Program Guide by Karl Schadow.Episodes Include: Case of the Woman Spy 06-08-42; Case of the Border Invaders 06-22-42; Case of the Fishermen of Loganberry Point 09-14-42; Case of the Bunko Builders 05-23-48; Case of the Camera-Happy Crook 05-30-48; Case of the Recruited Nurse 06-06-48; Case of the Statue of Death 05-10-49; Case of the Desert Explosion 05-12-49; Case of the Bouncing Bank Robber 05-17-49; Case of the Murdering Messenger 05-19-49; Case of the Cold-Blooded Professor (Part 1) 05-24-49; Case of the Cold-Blooded Professor (Part 2) 05-26-49; Case of the International Intrigue 07-14-49; Case of the Murdered Confessor 04-13-50; Case of the Foolish Father 08-15-50; Case of the Foreign Fires 10-13-50


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