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Jack Benny: A Man and His Bear

Category: Comedy
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 49292
Price: $39.98

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Who's that bear? And what's he doing in Jack Benny's basement? It's the famous Carmichael - guarding the vault and getting laughs!

Dish up the Jell-O for Mary Livingston, Phil Harris, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Dennis Day, and Don Wilson in twenty classic prewar episodes -- and be sure to leave a plate for you-know-who downstairs!

Includes a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod.

Episodes include: Love Finds Annie Hardy 02-12-39; Carmichael, The Polar Bear 02-19-39; Jesse James (Part One) 02-26-39; Jesse James (Part Two) 03-05-39; Carmichael Is Sick 03-12-39; Jack Has A Cold 03-19-39; April Fool's Gags 04-02-39; Phil Shoots The Movie 'Man About Town' Behind Jack's Back 04-16-39; 7th Anniversary On The Radio 04-30-39; Gunga Din 05-14-39; More Gunga Din 05-21-39; Father's Day Show 06-18-39; Introducing Dennis Day 10-08-39; Dennis' Mother Interferes With The Show 10-15-39; Ostrich For Thanksgiving Dinner 11-19-39; Gladys Zybisco Disappoints Jack On New Year's Eve 12-31-39; Jack Calls Gladys 01-21-40; Buck Benny At The Paramount Theater 04-28-40; Jack Waits To See A Movie Director 11-17-40; The Sponsor Likes Herbert Marshall 02-09-41


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