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The Couple Next Door: Home Troubles

Category: Comedy
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 49272
Was: $31.95    Now: $25.56

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Life in a postwar suburb has its ups and its downs - and that goes double for Mr. and Mrs. Piper, their daughter Betsy, and all their friends and neighbors. They've got laughs and logistical issues…parties and pet mishaps…kids, cars, and commotion.

Here are 32 consecutive episodes of writer-actress Peg Lynch's warm, funny, and eminently-relatable daytime serial comedy about everyday living. Alan Bunce co-stars as her husband in one of American radio's last serials.

The Couple Next Door (1957-1960) was a 15 minute comedy created and written by Peg Lynch, and was based on her earlier Ethel and Albert radio series. Lynch also starred on the program. Alan Bunce played the role of her husband, with Margaret Hamilton giving voice to the character of Aunt Effie. Madeleine Pierce (and later Francie Myers) portrayed daughter Betsy.

Episodes Include: Mr. Piper Told Of Name Situation 09-10-58; Pictures Taken 09-11-58; Name Situation In Newspaper 09-12-58; Nowhere To Live 09-15-58; Nowhere To Store Furniture 09-16-58; Moving In With Charley And Madge 09-17-58; Trying To Leave Gracefully 09-18-58; Late Dinner 09-19-58; Madge To Help Decorate 09-22-58; Madge's Decorating Ideas 09-23-58; Mr. Dibble's Mistakes Pointed Out 09-24-58; Moves In The Garage 09-25-58; Charley And Madge To Be Neighbors 09-26-58; Betsy Not Allowed To Ride School Bus 09-29-58; Check Distance From School 09-30-58; Charlie's House Plans 10-01-58; Buys Used Car 10-02-58; Betsy Concerned About Divorce 10-03-58; A Tour Of The Old House 10-06-58; Fuse Blown 10-07-58; Baby Named 10-08-58; Silver Bricked Up 10-09-58; Betsy's Magic Ring 10-10-58; Brownie Tangles With A Skunk 10-13-58; Bargaining For Black Walnut 10-14-58; In Jail 10-15-58; Looking For A Lawyer 10-16-58; Mr. Piper Wants Jury Trial 10-17-58; Light Fixture Problems 10-20-58; Planning A Party And Radio Repair 10-21-58; No Room For The Piano 10-22-58; Brick Wall Between Neighbors 10-23-58


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