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Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter

Category: Drama
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 49222
Was: $31.95    Now: $25.56

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Life in the little town of Valley Springs isn't as quiet as you might think. Beneath the wholesome exterior roils an inner world of gossip and backbiting, crime and intrigue, and plenty of romantic frustration for the young widow Mary Foster Lord. From the golden age of the radio soap opera comes 32 consecutive episodes of this daytime favorite, featuring Kay Campbell as Mary. Parker Fennelly co-stars as her down-to-earth father, with Agnes Young as reporter Amelia Cobb Parrish, Kenneth Lynch as physician Bill Nelson, Elaine Rost as his office administrator Gerri Dalton, and William "Bill" Quinn as photographer (and outsider) Jack Kelsey.Includes a Program Guide by radio historian Karl Schadow.Episodes Include: Henry Is Upset With Jack Kelsey 04-09-47; Peggy Carter Has Disappeared 04-10-47; Henry Revises His Opinion of Jack 04-11-47; Dr. Nelson Is Concerned About Ida 04-14-47; Ida Is Belligerent 04-15-47; Jack Asks Amelia About Mary's Past 04-16-47; A Jar of Face Cream Perplexes Mary 04-17-47; Does The Peddler Know The Whereabouts of Peggy? 04-18-47; Will George Take a Job in New York? 04-21-47; Mary and Jack Go Out For The Evening 04-22-47; Jimmy Expresses His Thoughts of Jack 04-23-47; A Problem at The Foster Home 04-24-47; Dr. Nelson Treats William Henry 04-25-47; Jimmy Worried of Uncertainty in Foster Household 04-28-47; Jimmy and Henry Engage In a Serious Talk 04-29-47; Amelia and Tom Start Dating Again 04-30-47; A Chance Meeting at The Foster's 05-01-47; Henry Concerned With His Own Stupidity 05-02-47; Henry is Abrupt With Tom and Amelia 05-05-47; Have Both Amelia and Tom Quit? 05-06-47; Gerri and Mary Talk With Tom 05-07-47; Will Tom and Amelia Reconcile? 05-08-47; Tom Discusses His Engagement With Henry 05-09-47; Is Gerri Upset? 05-12-47; Is George The Man For Gerri? 05-13-47; Is Gerri in Love With Dr. Nelson? 05-14-47; Valley Springs Gets a Surprise Visitor 05-15-47; Jack Continues To Pursue Mary 05-16-47; Amelia Plots To Foil Jack 05-19-47; Jimmy Is Upset That Mary is Seeing Jack 05-20-47; Mary Ponders Jack's Intentions 05-21-47; Amelia Puts Mary In an Awkward Position 05-22-47


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