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Radio Spirits Listener Series: Volume Two

Category: Drama
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 49082
Was: $39.98    Now: $33.98

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Welcome to the second volume of the Radio Spirits Listener Series.

These programs run the gamut! From game shows to real news, from soap operas to murder mysteries, from broad comedy to international intrigue, from Judy Canova to Harry Houdini, Volume Two of this diverse series brings you a wide-ranging sample of radio at its most unique - including some rare gems not heard since their original broadcast.

Includes a Program Guide by Karl Schadow.

With a full week's schedule to fill, radio networks, sponsors, and advertising agencies presented a wide variety of fascinating content of all types during the Golden Age of Radio. A great number of these programs have been lost to time and, in many cases, only limited numbers of episodes - or broadcast fragments - survive.

The Radio Spirits library includes tens of thousands of programs, many of which haven't lent themselves to presentation in their own collections because of limited availability of surviving episodes, or the esoteric nature of the content. There was a lot more to radio than just the big names and the big shows. The Radio Spirits Listener Series will introduce you to some of these lesser-known programs.

Programs Include:

I Deal In Crime: The William A. Davis Case 04-15-46; The Abigail Murray Case 09-27-47

The Amazing Mr. Malone: Hard Work Never Killed Anyone 06-01-51; Seek And Ye Shall Find 06-08-51

Ned Jordan - Secret Agent: The True Light Cult 01-23-40; Tank Trap For Terrorists 05-13-41

KEHE Along Radio Row: Hanley Stafford Interview 06-26-39

Camel Caravan: Hanley Stafford Excerpt 04-24-39

The Lifebuoy Show: Hanley Stafford Excerpt (With Parkyakarkus) 07-11-39; Hanley Stafford Excerpt 07-18-39

Big Sister: Episodes 65 - 68 1965

The Judy Canova Show: Nurses Aid 01-18-47; Typical American Family 03-01-47

Houdini Sťance: Final Attempt 10-31-1936

Kemtone Hour: Broadcast From Memphis 02-23-44

Stay Tuned For Terror: Program 27 - Lizzie Borden Took An Axe 1945; Program 37 - The Bogey Man Will Get You 1945

Your Preview Theater Of The Air: Half-Hour To Kill (Blackout) 08-08-47; The Road To Gold (The Missing Treasure Of Captain Kidd) 08-22-47

Sez Who!: Guest Panelist: Hermione Gingold 02-02-58; Guest Panelist: Vincent Price 03-16-58

The Fourth Estate: The Tip-Off 06-23-46

Patrick Maitland News: Warsaw 09-01-39

H.V. Kaltenborn News: Pearl Harbor Attack 12-07-41

The Phil Silvers Show: Guest: Frank Sinatra 02-09-46

Leave It To Joan: Cyclone Garrity In Town 07-24-50


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