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Radio Spirits Listener Series: Volume One

Category: Drama
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 49002
Price: $39.98

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Welcome to the first volume of the Radio Spirits Listener Series.

With a full week's schedule to fill, radio networks, sponsors, and advertising agencies presented a wide variety of fascinating content of all types during the Golden Age of Radio. A great number of these programs have been lost to time and, in many cases, only limited numbers of episodes - or broadcast fragments - survive.

The Radio Spirits library includes tens of thousands of programs, many of which haven't lent themselves to presentation in their own collections because of limited availability of surviving episodes, or the esoteric nature of the content. There was a lot more to radio than just the big names and the big shows. The Radio Spirits Listener Series will introduce you to some of these unique programs.

There's something here for everyone! From mystery to documentary, from comedy and variety to news and sports, from Frank Sinatra to Dizzy Dean, Volume One in this eclectic series gives you a broad-based look at radio at its most unique - including some rare gems not heard since their original broadcast.

Includes a Program Guide by Karl Schadow.

Programs Include:

Hercule Poirot: Murder Wears A Mask 05-03-45; The Deadest Man In The World 07-19-45

Ray Bolger Show: Guest: Van Johnson 08-03-45; Guest: Frank Sinatra 08-24-45

Supernatural: Jack the Ripper 10-31-47

The 13th Juror: What Happened to John Wilkes Booth 04-23-49

The Big Guy: The Unheard Voice 05-07-50; The Case of The Villainous Friend 08-27-50

The Case of Serge Rubinstein: 02-06-55

Mutual Special News Report: Empire State Building B-25 Bomber Crash 07-28-45

Elmer Peterson News: 08-02-55; 01-30-56

The Dizzy Dean Show: 09-04-48; 09-18-48

Information Please: Guests: Boris Karloff and Reginald Gardiner 11-20-44

New York Drama Critics' Circle Award: A Streetcar Named Desire 04-04-48


- Mike Malloy, Private Eye - The Case of the Badgered Brunette 05-14-56

- Masters of Mystery - Summer Storm 05-16-56

- Police Blotter - Tracking a Raincoat 05-18-56

Jimmy and Joe: Audition 12-18-36

Tales of the Foreign Service: The Secret War for Wolfram 07-19-46

Macabre: Final Resting Place 11-13-61; Week End 11-20-61


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