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The Green Hornet: A Matter of Time

Category: Adventure
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 48952
Was: $39.98    Now: $35.98

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A supercharged engine thrums to life, a secret door swings open, and the streamlined Black Beauty buzzes forth into the crime-swept city streets for another battle against the forces of urban corruption! In this collection, our hero sets himself against racketeers, international agents, and his arch nemesis Oliver Perry.

Ride with Britt Reid and Kato in twenty high-powered, newly-released radio adventures from the spring of 1949 - including rare episodes! These exiting audio exploits are accompanied by an informative Program Guide written by Terry Salomonson and Martin Grams, Jr.

Episodes Include: The Company They Keep 03-29-49; Champion In Pawn 03-31-49; The Invaders 04-05-49; Kato Acts As Decoy 04-07-49; City In Bondage 04-12-49; Madison Carr Returns 04-14-49; A Matter Of Time 04-19-49; The Girls Do It 04-21-49; Double Exposure 04-26-49; Hot Car Center 04-28-49; Hail Caesar 05-03-49; The Great Reformer 05-05-49; Axford Wins A Loss 05-10-49; Storm Over Picnic 05-12-49; Oliver Perry Closes In 05-17-49; Axford, The Receiver 05-19-49; The Howard Island Gang 05-24-49; Gems In The Paper 06-02-49; Tony Farno's Farm 06-07-49; The Worthington Papers 06-09-49


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