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Further Adv of Sherlock Holmes: The Ripper Inheritance

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 48522
Price: $31.95



Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are back in action in all-new stories bringing 19th Century thrills to 21st Century audiences. Here are 22 classic radio adventures with an up-to-date touch produced by the legendary Jim French!

The world's most famous consulting detective takes on adversaries who challenge his wits to the limit -- including a serial killer who terrifies London's East End (but he isn't who you think he is)! John Patrick Lowrie stars as Holmes, with Lawrence Albert as Watson in The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Episodes Include: The Living Weapon 12-28-2003; The Blackmailer Of Lancaster Gate 01-25-2004; The Problem Of Pennington Flash 02-22-2004; The Adventure Of The Forgotten Throne 03-28-2004; The Speaking Machine 04-25-2004; The Adventure Of The Serpent's Tooth 05-16-2004; The Dreadnaught Papers 06-27-2004; The Covetous Huntsman 07-25-2004; The Master Craftsman 08-22-2004; The Margate Deception 09-26-2004; The Head Of Jean Malreaux 10-17-2004; The Ripper Inheritance 11-28-2004; The Adventure Of The Vampire's Kiss 02-13-2005; The Tragedy Of Saxon's Gate 03-27-2005; The Winterbourne Phantom 04-24-2005; The Adventure Of The Aldgate Noose 05-22-2005; The Singular Affair Of The Star Of Tibet 06-26-2005; The Singular Affair Of The Persian Diadem 07-24-2005; The First Mate's Jacket 08-21-2005; The Paradol Chamber 09-18-2005; The Case Of The Christmas Bauble 12-25-2005; The Moriarty Resurrection 01-08-2006

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