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Harry Nile: Silent Witness & Other Mysteries

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 48492
Was: $31.95    Now: $26.99

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Out of the rain and fog of the teeming Pacific Northwest he comes - the tough, methodical, incorruptible private eye Harry Nile. He's the foe of corruption, enemy of gangland, and the best friend you'll ever have when you're up against the wall.

Harry gives as good as he gets in this 8 CD collection of powerful radio adventures, produced, written, and directed by Jim French. Larry Albert takes over the role of Nile from the late Phil Harper, with Pat French back as the detective's assistant Murphy, for sixteen cases of back streets and bad news.

Episodes Include: This Corpus Ain't Habeas Anymore 01-09-2005; The Line Up 01-30-2005; Mystery of the Galena 02-20-2005; The Scottie Scam 03-13-2005; A Death At The King Neptune 04-17-2005; Silent Witness 05-08-2005; The Judge From Whiskey Dick 06-19-2005; A Season For Killing 07-10-2005; A Bag Of Money 08-14-2005; The Case of The Crying Corpse 09-11-2005; The Nightmares of Melinda Magee 10-09-2005; A Scheduled Murder 11-13-2005; The Unexpected Gift 12-25-2005; Power Play 01-29-2006; The Pink Bicycle 02-19-2006; P.T. Barnum Was Right 03-12-2006; The Case of the Bogus Bettor 04-09-2006; Writing Wrongs 05-14-2006; The Arsonist's Letter 06-25-2006; The Waitress and the Wheelman 07-09-2006; The Dying Game 08-13-2006; A Trail To A Corpse 09-17-2006; The Strange Case of Harvey Flax 10-15-2006


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