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I Led Three Lives

Category: Mystery/Suspense
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 94554
Was: $7.98    Now: $6.78



"This is the fantastically true story of Herbert A. Philbrick, who for nine frightening years lived three lives...average citizen, high-level member of the Communist Party, and counterspy for the Federal Bureau of Investigation." Based on the best-selling book, I Led 3 Lives kept TV viewers in nail-biting suspense for three seasons in syndication. It told the true story of Herbert Philbrick, a Boston ad executive who for nine years infiltrated the Communist Party at the request of the FBI. In 1949, the Justice Department called on Philbrick as a witness in the Smith Act trials of Communist Party leaders, breaking his cover and effectively ending his usefulness as an FBI operative. Afterwards he documented his experiences in a book, I Led Three Lives: Citizen, 'Communist', Counterspy. This series, inspired by Philbrick's exploits, is a reminder of those heady days of Cold War paranoia, when a Communist spy could be waiting around every corner.SECRET CALL: The premiere episode, in which Philbrick receives a coded phone message about an urgent meeting of Communist Party members. He must relay this information to his superiors at the FBI without making his "comrades" suspicious. DOPE PHOTOGRAPHIC: A Communist narcotics ring is trading illegal drugs for American defense secrets.CAMPUS STORY: Philbrick discovers that the Communists are recruiting future party members at his former alma mater. Guest-starring scream queen Yvette Vickers.THE SPY: The Communists believe that one of their members is a spy for the U.S. government...but it isn't Philbrick! Instead, Philbrick is ordered to kill this supposed spy, who might actually be his ally. Note: Due to the age and rarity of these shows, some picture anomalies exist.


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