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Frontier Heroes: 20 Movie Collection

Category: Westerns
Duration: 20 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 94461
Price: $12.98



Come along for a ride across the prairie with this incredible collection of the finest films depicting the western frontier. Ten horseback heroes are featured in two of their most beloved classic films. This twenty movie set is sure to win the hearts of western movie lovers of all ages. Saddle up and hit the trail with these frontier heroes.

Featuring: John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Buck Jones, Gene Autry, Ken Maynard, Ray 'Crash' Corrigan, Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, Tim McCoy, and Johnny Mack Brown

Films Include:

1.) Angel and the Badman (1947): Proving that good things can happen to bad people, Quaker girl Penelope Worth nurses the disreputable Quirt Evans back to health. Starring John Wayne, Gail Russell, and Harry Carey.

2.) Branded a Coward (1935): A cowardly deputy marshal, who as a lad witnessed his family murdered at the hands of "The Cat" and his gang, must overcoming his fears to track down the men responsible for his family's deaths. Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Billie Seward, and Syd Saylor.

3.) The Cowboy and the Indians (1949): Gene Autry is investigating the recent rash of Indian raids on homesteads adjoining the reservation…and discovers the local Indian agent is cheating the Indians out of their food allotments. Autry is seen here with Sheila Ryan and Jay Silverheels.

4.) Dead or Alive (1944): In this Texas Rangers feature, the Rangers are looking for the Yackey Gang...and hoping to end their criminal activities in the territory. Starring: Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, and Guy Wilkerson.

5.) The Fighting Renegade (1939): A man framed for murder years ago is now leading a band of 'outlaws' in Mexico. He guards gold shipments, protects travelers, and continues to search for the man behind the killing that he was set up for. Starring Tim McCoy, Joyce Bryant, and Ben Corbett.

6.) The Fighting Westerner (1935): A mining engineer hired to investigate a family mine for a possible radium strike ends up partnered with an old sheriff's deputy to solve a rash of murders. Starring Randolph Scott, Ann Sheridan, and Charles Sale.

7.) Forbidden Trails (1941): In this "Rough Riders" feature, our three heroes again pose as strangers in the hopes that they can stop a crooked freight line owner from pressuring a mine owner into using his line to transport his ore. Starring Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, and Raymond Hatton.

8.) Ghost Patrol (1936): A Federal agent goes undercover to investigate a series of mail plane crashes that have baffled the authorities. Starring Tim McCoy, Claudia Dell, and Walter Miller.

9.) Ghost Town Law (1942): The Rough Riders are called in to track down a gang of outlaws who are using an old mine in a ghost town as their hideout…and have killed two U.S. Marshals during their reign of terror. Starring Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, and Raymond Hatton.

10.) Git Along Little Doggies (1937): A war is brewing between cattle ranchers and oilmen in this tale featuring everyone's favorite singing cowboy Gene Autry. Smiley Burnette and Judith Allen co-star.

11.) Hands Across the Border (1944): Two horse ranchers are vying for a valuable Army contract to provide horses for the cavalry. Starring Roy Rogers, Ruth Terry, and Duncan Renaldo.

12.) Harmony Trail (1944): A rancher is suspected of bank robbery. Does a traveling medicine show have anything to do with the crime? Starring Ken Maynard, Max Terhune, and Glenn Strange.

13.) King of the Cowboys (1943): Our hero is hired by the Governor to track some saboteurs who are using a traveling show as a cover for their illegal activities. Starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, and Bob Nolan.

14.) Law Men (1944): Two U.S. Marshals are sent to stop a gang responsible for a string of robberies…and to uncover the identity of the gang's leader. Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, and Jan Wiley.

15.) Law of Vengeance (1933): After the Civil War, a Kentucky family moves west for a fresh start, but discovers that their rivals from back home have followed them to continue their bitter feud. Starring Randolph Scott, Esther Ralston, Barton MacLane, and Jack La Rue.

16.) 'Neath the Arizona Skies (1934): Chris Morrell is the guardian of a little Native American girl. She is the heir to a $50,000 oil claim, and Morrell must track down her long-lost father in order for her to receive the claim. Starring John Wayne, George "Gabby" Hayes, and Sheila Terry.

17.) The Range Busters (1940): The Range Busters are asked by a ranch owner to stop a deadly gang lead by The Phantom, a mysterious figure who has been terrorizing the land and has killed some ranch hands. Starring Ray "Crash" Corrigan, John "Dusty" King, and Max "Alibi" Terhune.

18.) Six Shootin' Sheriff (1938): A man falsely accused of murder hides out in a small Western town hoping to avoid the law. Unfortunately for him, a new arrival in town threatens to expose his true identity. Starring Ken Maynard, Marjory Reynolds, and Lafe McKee.

19.) Thunder River Feud (1942): The Range Busters help a pretty ranch owner whose land is being targeted by an unscrupulous businessman. Starring Ray "Crash" Corrigan, John "Dusty" King, and Max "Alibi" Terhune.

20.) Trouble in Texas (1937): Tex joins the rodeo circuit to track down the men responsible for murdering his brother. Starring Tex Ritter, Rita Hayworth, and Yakima Canutt.


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