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Gunsmoke: Flashback

Category: Westerns
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 48392
Was: $39.98    Now: $31.98

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Walk the streets of Dodge City with William Conrad as Marshal Matt Dillon in twenty masterpieces of western storytelling. Dillon was not a straight-backed rider with a steely jaw. He was a man who had seen too much, a survivor of conflicts he'd rather have avoided…a man who knew only too well what errors of judgment could cost on the frontier.

Parley Baer played Dillon's sidekick Chester, a seemingly naive yokel who was nevertheless as cold-blooded as Dillon when occasion demanded. Howard MacNear was Doc Adams, a cheerfully morbid fellow whose blackened sense of humor hinted at dark secrets in his past. And Georgia Ellis was Kitty, a "dance hall girl" who knew how to handle herself. Gunsmoke brings listeners compelling stories of frontier life with unprecedented realism.

Includes a Program Guide by Elizabeth McLeod.

Episodes: Trojan War 02-28-53; Absalom 03-07-53; The Big Con 05-16-53; Wind 06-20-53; Flashback 06-27-53; How to Kill a Woman 10-31-53; Stolen Horses 11-07-53; Big Girl Lost 12-19-53; The Guitar 12-26-53; Stage Holdup 01-02-54; Joke's on Us 01-09-54; Big Broad 02-06-54; The Killer 02-13-54; Texas Cowboys 07-12-54; The Queue 07-19-54; Born to Hang 04-23-55; Jealousy 06-04-55; Tap Day for Kitty 07-30-55; Innocent Broad 08-06-55; The Barton Boy 10-01-55


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