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The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Carbuncle & Other Mysteries

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 48292
Price: $31.95


Come to 221B Baker Street for fifteen incredible capers from the world's only consulting detective -- presented in full cast audio! Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and dramatized by noted British writer M.J. Elliott, these absorbing adventures star John Patrick Lowrie as Holmes and Lawrence Albert as Dr. Watson. Also heard in these sterling stories are Dennis Bateman, Rick May, David Natale, Jeffrey Hitchen, Rachel Glass, Hugh Hastings, Louise Moore, and Jim French himself!

Episodes include: The Blue Carbuncle 12-28-2008; The Three Garridebs 02-15-2009; The Return of Sherlock Holmes 03-29-2009; The Retired Colourman 04-19-2009; The Resident Patient 05-17-2009; The Lion's Mane 10-18-2009; The Dying Detective 01-17-2010; The Beryl Coronet 02-28-2010; The Adventure of The Greek Interpreter 03-28-2010; The Bruce Partington Plans 04-25-2010; The Adventure of The Cardboard Box 05-30-2010; The Golden Pince-Nez 07-25-2010; The Creeping Man 09-26-2010; The Illustrious Client 10-24-2010; The Boscombe Valley Mystery 03-27-2010

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