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Elmer Bernstein: Classic Soundtracks

Category: Musical/Variety
Media: (4) CDs
Catalog Number: 93987
Price: $19.98



Here is music from eight classic soundtracks, including Man With The Golden Arm, Ten Commandments, Sweet Smell Of Success, Some Came Running, The Magnificent Seven, Summer And Smoke, Walk On The Wild Side, and To Kill A Mockingbird.Songs: Clark Street (The Top/Homecoming/Antek's); Zosh; Frankie Machine; The Fix; Molly; Breakup (Flight/Louie's/Burlesque); Audition; The Cure (Withdraw/Cold/Morning); Finale; Prelude; In The Bulrushes; Egyptian Dance; The Crucible Of God; And Moses Watered Jethro's Flock; Overture; The Plagues; The Exodus; The Pillar Of Fire; The Red Sea; The Ten Commandments; Go, Proclaim Liberty!; The Streets (Main Title); Hot Dogs & Juice (Goodbye Baby); Sidney & Susie; Hunsecker's Price; Tropical Island Mood; The Smear; Toots Shor's Blues; Nite Spot Rock; Susie's Problem; Hunsecker Operates (Goodbye Baby); Goodbye Baby Blues; The Trap Is Sprung; Love Scene (Susan-The Sage); Out Of Darkness; Prelude; To Love & Be Loved; Dave's Double Life; Dave & Gwen; Fight; Gwen's Theme; Ginny; Short Noise; Live It Up; Tryst; Seduction; Smitty's Place; Rejection; Pursuit; Finale; Main Title & Calvera; Council; Vin's Luck; And Then There Were Two; Fiesta; Stalking; Worst Shot; The Journey; Calvera's Return; Calvera Routed; Ambush; Petra's Declaration; Bernardo; Surprise; Defeat; Harry's Mistake; Calvera Killed; Finale; Theme From Summer And Smoke; Two Lonely Women; Glorious Hill Waltz; Alma's Dilemma; Rosa; A Stranger In The House; Rosa's Dance; John's Patient; Degeneration; The Father's Murder; The Final Irony & Finale; Walk On The Wild Side; Somewhere In The Used To Be; Hallie's Jazz; Rejected; Doll House; Terasina; Night Theme; Walk On The Wild Side Jazz; Dove; Kitty; Oliver; Reminiscence; Finale; Main Title; Roll In The Tire; The Search For Boo; Jem's Discovery; To Kill A Mockingbird; Tree Treasure; Lynch Mob; Footsteps In The Dark; Children Attacked; Scout & Boo; Summer's End; Staccato's Theme; The Jazz At Waldo's; Love Theme; Mary Mary; The Bird Man; Theme From Two Weeks In Another Town; Main Title From The Rat Race; Saints & Sinners Theme


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