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Tarzan and the Lost Tribe

Category: Adventure
Duration: 1 hour
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 93306
Price: $7.98



For centuries men have searched for the Green Goddess, an idol worshipped by a hidden tribe in the jungles of Guatemala. It contains the secret formula for a powerful explosive that will change the course of human history. Major Martling and his team are dispatched by the government to find the idol. Assigned to assist them is Lord Greystoke (better known as Tarzan of the Apes). As soon as the party enters the the Guatemalan jungle, they are captured by the lost tribe. Their queen, Kia-Kia, wants Tarzan as her mate...and if the jungle lord doesn't comply, she will unleash the wrath of the Green Goddess upon the world.

Tarzan and the Lost Tribe is one of two feature films edited together from the 1935 serial The New Adventures of Tarzan. The serial was initially conceived by creator Edgar Rice Burroughs to feature a cultured, well-spoken Lord Greystoke. Cast in the lead role was Herman Brix (Bruce Bennett). Shot on location in Guatemala.

The soundtrack to this film was lost during preparations for its overseas release years later, thus the dialogue was completely re-dubbed by British actors (attempting American accents). A notation was added in the credits attributing the alteration to poor filming conditions in Guatemala. Since the complete 65-minute version of the first chapter is now considered lost, Tarzan and the Lost Tribe is indispensable viewing for anyone interested in the cinematic history of Lord Greystoke.


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