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Good Times: The Complete Series

Category: Comedy
Duration: 56 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92876
Price: $44.98



All 133 Dy-No-Mite episodes!

Enjoy old-school laughs and tears with one of TV's smash sitcoms from the '70s, Good Times: The Complete Series.

Developed by legendary producer Norman Lear (All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude), Good Times centered upon the Evans family living in an inner-city project in Chicago. James (John Amos) and Florida (Esther Rolle) struggle to make ends meet while raising their three children, JJ (Jimmy Walker), Thelma (Bern Nadette Stanis) and Michael (Ralph Carter). Despite the economic difficulties they face, the Evans family, along with their downstairs neighbor Willona (Ja'net Dubois), always kept a positive attitude.

Also starring Janet Jackson as Penny!


Disc 1

Season One

Too Old Blues

Black Jesus

Getting Up the Rent

God's Business is Good Business

Michael Gets Suspended

Sex and the Evans Family

Junior Gets a Patron

Junior the Senior

The Visitor

Springtime in the Ghetto

The TV Commercial

The Check Up

My Son, the Lover

Disc 2

Season Two

Florida Flips

J.J. Becomes a Man: Part 1

J.J. Becomes a Man: Part 2

Crosstown Buses Run All Day, Doodah, Doodah

The Man I Most Admire

Thelma's Young Man

The I.Q. Test

The Encyclopedia Hustle

The Gang: Part 1

The Gang: Part 2

Florida, the Matchmaker

The Windfall

Disc 3

Season Two

Sometimes There's No Bottom in the Bottle

Florida's Big Gig

Florida Goes to School

The Nude

The Family Business

The Debutante Ball

The Dinner Party

The Houseguest

My Girl Henrietta

The Enlistment

Thelma's Scholarship

The Lunch Money Ripoff

Disc 4

Season Three

A Real Cool Job

The Family Gun

Operation Florida

Love In The Ghetto

Florida's Rich Cousin

The Weekend

The Baby

Michael's Big Fall

The Politicians

Willona's Dilemma

Florida's Protest

The Mural

Disc 5

Season Three

A Loss Of Confidence

Cousin Cleatus

The Family Tree

A Place to Die

J.J.'s Fiancee - Part 1

J.J.'s Fiancee - Part 2

Sweet Daddy Williams

The Investigation

J.J. in Trouble

Florida The Woman

The Break-Up

The Rent Party

Disc 6

Season Four

Big Move - Part 1

Big Move - Part 2

J.J. And The Older Woman

Michael The Warlord

Michael's Great Romance

Evans vs. Davis

J.J.'s New Career - Part 1

J.J.'s New Career - Part 2

Grandpa's Visit

Rich Is Better Than Poor...Maybe

Florida's Night Out

The Judy Cohen Story

Disc 7

Season Four

The Comedian And The Loan Sharks

The Hustle

Thelma's African Romance - Part 1

Thelma's African Romance - Part 2

Willona's Surprise

A Friend In Need

A Stormy Relationship

Florida And Carl

My Son, The Father

J.J. In Business

Love Has a Spot on It's Lung - Part 1

Love Has a Spot on It's Lung - Part 2

Disc 8

Season Five

The Evans Get Involved: Part 1

The Evans Get Involved: Part 2

The Evans Get Involved: Part 3

The Evans Get Involved: Part 4

Thelma Moves Out

Willona, the Fuzz


Breaker, Breaker

Bye, Bye, Bookman

Thelma's Brief Encounter

Requiem for a Wino

Penny's Christmas

Disc 9

Season Five

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Willona's Mr. Right

J.J. and the Boss' Daughter

Where There's Smoke

I Had a Dream

The Boarder

J.J.'s Condition

Willona, the Other Woman

Something Old, Something New

Willona's New Job

Write On, Thelma

That's Entertainment, Evans Style

Disc 10

Season Six

Florida's Homecoming: Part 1

Florida's Homecoming: Part 2

Florida's Homecoming: The Wedding

Florida's Homecoming: United We Stand

Florida Gets a Job

Stomach Mumps

J.J. the Teacher

Michael's Decision

J.J. and the Plumber's Helper

The Witness

The Snow Storm

The Traveling Christmas

Disc 11

Season Six

House Hunting

Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 1

Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 2

Blood Will Tell

Where Have All the Doctor's Gone?

J.J. and T.C.

The Physical

A Matter of Mothers

The Evans' Dilemma

The Art Contest

Cousin Raymond

The End of the Rainbow


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