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Amos 'n' Andy: Radio's All Time Favorites

Category: Comedy
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 46122
Was: $39.98    Now: $31.98


This career-spanning look at the work of radio's most influential team brings you ten full hours with Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll as AMOS 'N' ANDY!

Amos Jones and Andy Brown symbolized the best and the worst of the average American - from their kindness and common sense to their self-importance and susceptibility to the lure of an easy buck. This collection features rare, uncirculated episodes from the team's early years all the way through to the 1950s. Experience the casual intimacy of radio drama and character comedy at their best.

Includes a Program Guide by Correll and Gosden biographer Elizabeth McLeod!

Episodes Include: The Marriage Counselor 12-17-43; Between Life and Death 03-24-44; The Marriage Proposal Mix Up 11-17-44; Rare Coin 01-16-49; The Birth of Amos and Ruby's Third Child 02-20-49; Dress Rehearsal for 06-03-51 Episode (Green Eyed Monster) 05-20-51; Social Security 10-02-49; Thanksgiving Show 11-13-49; Jobs At Import Export Garage 04-15-51; Brother-in-Law Moves In 04-29-51; The Long-Lost Husband 10-12-52; The Proxy Marriage 05-17-53; The Kingfish's Old Love Letters 05-24-53; The Dog Lover 01-17-54; Amos 'n' Andy Music Hall (with Sara Berner) 01-05-55; Phony Stock 06-04-29; Mr. Taylor Takes the Stand 07-18-29; Amos is a Free Man At Last 07-23-29; Leaving Chicago For New York 08-15-29; Testifying in Breach of Promise Trial (Excerpt) 03-06-31; Kingfish Wants to Open a Hotel (Excerpt) 04-30-32; Gwindell Tells Exactly What He Thinks (Excerpt) 02-22-33; Meeting Walter Huston 08-19-36; Friday Night Minstrel Show (West Coast Version)12-04-36; On The Way to Maine 08-09-37; Andy Interviews Lightning For a Job (Excerpt) 02-01-39; Meeting Grover Whalen 02-27-39; Andy Has Been Kidnapped 06-30-39; Andy and the Kingfish Want to Promote a Showgirl (Excerpt) 07-29-41; Treasury Star Parade Special 03-18-42; The Final Serial Episode (Excerpt) 02-19-43

Note: Some of the rare episodes are of substandard audio quality. They are included here as the only surviving audio from these historic broadcasts.

Please note: This CD-R product is manufactured on demand using recordable media. This allows us to make a wider range of series and episodes available.


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