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Joe E. Brown Collection: Riding On Air / When's Your Birthday? / Earthworm Tractors / Fit For A King / Painted Faces (4-DVD)

Category: Comedy
Duration: 5 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92265
Price: $31.92



Riding On Air (1937): Small town reporter Elmer Lane wins the enormous sum of $5,000 in the Crunchies essay contest, which draws the intense interest of seasoned flim-flam man Doc Waddington. Posing as a wealthy financier, Doc concocts a phony investment scheme and soon has Elmer's $5,000. Elmer introduces Waddington to the local businessman's association and before long, the townsfolk are lining up to be let in on "the limited, cash-only investment opportunity."

When's Your Birthday (1937): Realizing that "the planets are wrong," astrologer Dustin Willoughby insists on changing his wedding date, causing his furious fiance to break off the engagement and her father to throw him out of the house. Down on his luck, waiting tables in a nightclub, Dustin catches the attention of some high-rolling gamblers with his uncanny ability to use the stars to pick winners at the track.

Earthworm Tractors (1936): Alexander Botts, the newest representative for the Earthworm Tractor Company, has only two problems- his total inexperience with mechanics and his extraordinary incompetence. Fit For A King (1937): Comic whirlwind Joe E. Brown stars as newspaper go-fer Virgil Jones, the favored nephew of the New York Daily Blade's publisher but the bane of editor Mr. Hardwick. Virgil has lofty dreams of becoming a star reporter but spends his day fetching coffee and flirting with the pretty waitress at the local diner.

Painted Faces (1929): As the lone dissenting juror in a seemingly open-and-shut murder case, soft-spoken Hermann, a circus clown by trade, is under tremendous pressure from the other jurors to join them in finding the defendant guilty.


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