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Jack Benny: No Place Like Home

Category: Comedy
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 45692
Price: $31.95

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Any comedian can be funny in the studio, but domestic comedy is usually considered the province of actors who happen to do comedy. Jack Benny straddled the two roles for most of his career -- the suave, witty master of ceremonies standing on stage in front of a curtain one moment; the put-upon householder tormented by a bumptious servant, eccentric friends, and troublesome neighbors the next. Jack, for all his high-flown show-biz pretensions, became everyone's favorite put-upon suburbanite.

Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Dennis Day, and Don Wilson all make regular visits to Jack's place, along with favorites like Mel Blanc, Frank Nelson, Artie Auerbach, and the Sportsmen Quartet - plus, some very special guest stars like Frank Sinatra, Boris Karloff and Claudette Colbert!

Includes 16 digitally restored and remastered broadcasts, and a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod.

Episodes Include: Jack Opens Swimming Pool for the Season 04-18-43; Jack Offers Frank Sinatra Dennis' Job 10-08-44; Jack Tries to Break His Contract With the Sportsmen 11-03-46; I Was Condemned 01-19-47; Jack Fixes a Phonograph and Buys a Baseball Team 04-13-47; Jack and The Gang Listen To The World Series 10-10-48; Jack Tries To Reach His Advertising Agency 11-21-48; How Jack and The Gang Spent Thanksgiving 11-28-48; Don Still Won't Sign His Contract 01-30-49; Don Signs a New Contract 02-06-49; Jack Takes Inventory of His Pantry and Has a Memory Loss 10-02-49; Jack's Memory is Lost and Found 10-09-49; Recovering From a Cold 10-16-49; Trimming the Tree 12-25-49; Jack Gets The House Painted 04-16-50; Beverly Wilshire Health Club 01-30-55

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