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Lum 'n' Abner Volume 4

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 45352
Price: $35.95


"I-grannies, Abner, I believe that's our ring."

"I-doggies, Lum, I believe you're right."

It's time for Lum 'n' Abner!

Chester Lauck and Norris Goff are doin' the talkin' as Lum Edwards and Abner Peabody in 36 more digitally restored and remastered episodes. Their continuing escapades find friends getting cultured, getting sued, and getting drafted!

How will the fellers pay the bills from their failed rocket project? Who did Cedric get himself engaged to? What is the Golden Era Discussion Club? Why are so many people leaving town?

Come find out. Let's see what's going on down in Pine Ridge.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Why Squire Was Arrested 11-19-42, Top Ten Chumps of 1942 11-23-42, Article on Rocket Project 11-24-42, Photos for Magazine Article 11-25-42, Lum Deposits Article Money 11-26-42, Mousey Gray Is Drafted 11-30-42, Preparing for Physical 12-01-42, Going-Away Party for Mousey 12-02-42, Mousey's Going-Away Party 12-03-42, Golden Era Discussion Club 12-07-42, First Discussion: Beethoven 12-08-42, Is Cedric Engaged? 12-09-42, Worried About Marriage 12-10-42, Club List and Wedding Mix-Up 12-14-42, Club Meets at Grandpap's 12-15-42, Cedric to Marry Tomorrow 12-16-42, Cedric Kidnapped at Wedding 12-17-42, Cedric Returns 12-21-42, Club Discusses Spinoza 12-22-42, Breach of Promise Suit 12-23-42, Special Christmas Story 12-24-42, Cedric's Trial Begins 12-28-42, Discussion of Mona Lisa 12-29-42, Redfield's Testimony 12-30-42, Patriotic Speech at Trial 12-31-42, Wimpy Foster's Testimony 01-04-43, Club Discusses Garters 01-05-43, Wimpy Foster Is Drafted 01-06-43, Winifred Elopes with Doctor 01-07-43, Grand Prize on Pinball 01-11-43, Club at Cedric's House 01-12-43, Abner's Trading Fever 01-13-43, A Job For Pearl 01-14-43, Ulysses S. Quincy 01-18-43, Has Lum Gone Crazy? 01-19-43, Jot 'em Down Store History 01-20-43

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