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Tales of the Texas Rangers (8 DVD)

Category: Westerns
Duration: 8 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91709
Price: $63.80


The Texas Rangers dish out justice on the American frontier in this series of Wild West adventures. Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien and Guy Wilkerson star in this collection of films in which the only thing that stands between order and chaos is a tin star. Included here are DEAD OR ALIVE, ENEMY OF THE LAW, GUNS OF THE LAW, GUNSMOKE MESA, RETURN OF THE RANGERS, SPOOK TOWN, THREE IN THE SADDLE, and WHISPERING SKULL.

Dead or Alive: A pioneer town is infiltrated by a gang of thieves and murderers, and it's up to Dave Wyatt and Tex Haines to weed them out. Posing as a hardened train robber with secretly buried loot, Wyatt joins crime kingpin Clint Yackey and his gang, then uses a series of brilliant cons and misdirections to bait and catch the criminals in action. When the gang conspires to empty a bank's vault of a quarter million dollars, the law mistakenly arrests Wyatt, refusing to believe he is an undercover ranger. He is immediately sentenced to death by hanging. Meanwhile, the real criminals have captured Haines, the only man who knows Wyatt's true identity, and the only one who can save his life.

Enemy of the Law: Rugged cowboy and lawyer Tex Haines (Tex Ritter) is summoned to the Texas Rangers field station in an effort to locate and recover almost a million dollars in gold coins stolen from a US Government wagon train years before. Tex, along with Ranger Dave Wyatt (Dave O'Brien) and the lanky cowpoke Panhandle Perkins (Guy Wilkerson), must follow the criminal mastermind Wild Charley Gray when he is paroled from prison in hopes he will lead them to the hidden money.

Guns of the Law: Thugs working for greedy, powerful lawyer Kendall Lowther are illegally evicting families from their homesteads. Ranchers who protest meet with unfortunate and lethal "accidents." Civil War veteran Jed Wilkins and his sassy granddaughter, Lillian, are forced from their farm, but Jed, half-crazed and full of frontier gumption, plans to counterattack and lay siege to his stolen land. Jed and Lillian seek help from the Texas Rangers.

Gunsmoke Mesa: Texas Rangers Jim Steele, Tex Wyatt and Panhandle Perkins discover the corpses of a miner and his young wife in a remote cabin. While looking for clues, they find the couple's infant son hidden in a back room. Leaving the baby in Panhandle's care, Jim and Tex ride into town to get to the bottom of the killings. They learn that the child is the sole heir to a valuable mine, and that an outlaw gang is desperate to locate the boy and eliminate him as part of their scheme to claim the inheritance.

Return of the Rangers: Tex Wyatt, Jim Steele, and Panhandle Perkins point their horses towards the town of Custer, where a rash of cattle thefts has placed Anne Miller's ranch on the verge of bankruptcy. Land company manager, Frank Martin, has been secretly orchestrating the rustling of Ann's herds, intent on selling the property out from under her. Anne's only hope to save the ranch is the estate's trustee, Mr. Dobbs, so Martin orders his men to kill him before he makes it to Custer. Happening upon the crime scene, Tex is fingered for the shooting, but his pal, Panhandle, masquerading as Custer's new circuit judge, frees him. With Tex out of jail, the trio must unravel Martin's operation before their true identities are revealed.

Spook Town: The Texas Rangers believe they've found a perfect place to guard a treasure when they hole up in a ghost town. A bandit who wants the locked chest hires three notorious drifters to eliminate the Rangers. Their first assault is held off by the quick reflexes and sharpshooting of Tex and his men, forcing the thieves to look for more devious methods. One by one the Rangers are waylaid by shadowy figures that strike and then disappear. The action breaks just long enough for radio star Jim Newill to deliver two rousing songs.

Three in the Saddle: John Rankin and his Southwestern Stage Line have been granted the right of way in Oak Flats Texas, and have bought out every property except Peggy Barlow's Tin Cup Ranch. Unwilling to sell, Barlow is on the verge of being forced out by court order, so Tin Cup foreman Tex Haines suggests that they take the law into their own hands. His call to violence is quickly tempered by a plan to resolve the matter with diplomacy and a petition to the governor is drafted. The fragile peace is shattered when the unarmed bearer of the petition is shot by one of Rankin's gunmen. Tex isn't aware that the governor has already sent two of his finest agents to look into the matter, and that they're posing as ranch hands at the Tin Cup. Includes BONUS feature, Matt Clark, Railroad Detective Meets Belle Starr.

Whispering Skull: Tex Ritter is on the trail of a menacing phantom badman in this classic western whodunnit. Along with fellow Texas Ranger Dave Wyatt, Tex pursues the ruthless Whispering Skull, a mysterious midnight rider who terrorizes homesteaders and kills anyone who stands in his way. It's up to Tex, Wyatt and their trusty sidekick Panhandle Perkins to catch the culprit and stop a group of scheming varmints who cash in on the Skull's grip of fear with coach robberies and diamond heists. The film features two musical numbers from the crooning Tex, "In Case You Change Your Mind" and "It's Never Too Late," both of which he co-wrote.


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