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The Lone Ranger: Iron Horse

Category: Westerns
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 45282
Price: $39.98



The masked rider of the plains declares himself a defender of the rails in 20 digitally restored and remastered adventures!

There are those who would stop at nothing to slow down the construction of the trans-continental railroad. The badly informed and the badly intentioned set fires, rob trains, kidnap the vulnerable, and murder the innocent, all while plotting even grander schemes…like blasting dams and assassinating the President of the United States!

But, thanks to The Lone Ranger's knowledge of Morse Code, his daring rescues, and his mastery of the art of disguise…thanks to the devotion of Tonto, and the unparalleled prowess of the great horse Silver, the "iron horse" will ride!

Includes a Program Guide by Martin Grams, Jr. and Terry Salomonson.

EPISODES INCLUDE: The Iron Spur Series: Lumber for the Railroad 06-08-42, The Wrong Redskin 06-10-42, Outlaws in War Paint 06-12-42, Race to Dry Creek 06-15-42, Ambush at Bright Rainbow 06-17-42, Mortgages Paid Off 06-19-42, Badlands for Badmen 06-22-42, Clouds Across the Moon 06-24-42, Quicksand for a Gambler 06-26-42, Trouble at the Canyon 06-29-42, Kidnapped 07-01-42, Surprise at Sunrise 07-03-42, End of the Iron Spur 07-06-42; Runaway Railroad 03-03-47; The Union Pacific Series: Part One 11-07-47, Part Two 11-10-47, Part Three 11-12-47, Part Four 11-14-47; The Flashing Light Part One 11-01-48, Flashlight Ring Part Two 11-03-48

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