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Sea Adventure Collection: Volume One

Category: Adventure
Media: (3) CDs
Catalog Number: 91692
Price: $24.95


A great set of three L. Ron Hubbard Audio Pulps - "Cargo of Coffins," "The Phantom Patrol," and "Sea Fangs"! Each production is packed with music and cinema-quality sound effects, putting you right into the heart of the story.

Cargo of Coffins: Lars Marlin signs on as captain of an oceangoing yacht where his arch-nemesis, Paco Corvino (a man who considers murder a pastime) is aboard. Lars discovers Paco working as the chief steward, but suspects he is up to no good and their voyage aboard the crowded vessel will likely prove to be a final bloody showdown at sea.

The Phantom Patrol: Officer Johnny Trescott is caught in a deadly sea adventure when a drug runner captures his Coast Guard boat, and uses it and Johnny's uniform to raid ships and traffic drugs. When authorities arrest Johnny and throw him in jail, he must somehow escape and bring the cutthroat to justice-or face the gallows himself.

Sea Fangs: In an attempt to reclaim his stolen oil fields, Bob Sherman secretly hires on as a deckhand aboard the yacht of Herbert Marmion, the man who ruthlessly stole them. When a hurricane sends the yacht to an uncharted island, the entire crew is captured by pirates-including Marmion's beautiful daughter.


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