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Sgt. Preston: Arctic Odyssey

Category: Adventure
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 45242
Price: $31.95

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Set against the colorful background of the Klondike gold rush, the square-jawed, straight-shooting Mountie and his "wonder dog" were responsible for policing a sweeping, snowy Yukon Territory. The presence of gold in this area led less-than-honest men to the kind of temptation that frequently stepped over the line of law and order…and that's when Preston and King would swing into action, swiftly bringing these miscreants to justice.

Originally sponsored by Quaker Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice - "The breakfast cereal shot from guns!" - these 16 digitally restored and remastered episodes star Paul Sutton as Sergeant Preston. Jay Michael announces these Canadian chronicles of cursed treasure, woeful whaling vessels, dastardly drifters, kidnapping, killer card games, and more!

Includes a Program Guide by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Brotherhood of Man 02-19-52, Killers Live to Die 02-21-52, The Missing Heir 02-26-52, Laurie and the New Recruits 02-28-52, Thunderbird 03-04-52, The Land Otter's Totem 03-06-52, The Burial Totem Case 03-11-52, The Killer Whale 03-13-52, The Sun and Raven 03-18-52, The Prisoner 03-20-52, The Boy from Seattle 03-25-52, The Death Card 03-27-52, Hard Luck 04-01-52, The Ice Trail 04-03-52, Arctic Odyssey 04-08-52, Out of the Past 04-10-52


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