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Ed Wynn Show, Volume 1

Category: Comedy
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91662
Was: $7.98    Now: $6.78


He was known as "The Perfect Fool." With his distinctive silly giggle and clown costumes, Ed Wynn entertained audiences for over 60 years - from his early days as on-stage assistant to W. C. Fields until his charming performance as laughing Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins in 1964. He lent his zany voice to the Mad Hatter in 1951's Alice in Wonderland, and he later triumphed in a surprising turn to drama in Rod Serling's 1956 television masterpiece, "Requiem For A Heavyweight."

In the midst of this amazing career, he starred in one of the very earliest television variety shows, the Emmy Award winning "Ed Wynn Show." This groundbreaking program inspired countless other comics to make the leap to the new small-screen medium during the fabulous 1950s.

Episode One: Fresh from appearing in Sunset Boulevard, legendary film star Gloria Swanson joins Ed in an acrobatic marionette sketch.

Episode Two: The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, and Shemp) play loony CBS network executives intent on "fixing" Ed's show.

Episode Three: Ed and his guest, Vera Vague, play castaways who are marooned on a desert island with an amorous gorilla.

Episode Four: Buddy Ebsen visits Ed's Pet Shop and can't leave without performing a song and dance.


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