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Duffy's Tavern: Where the Elite Meet

Category: Comedy
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 45122
Price: $39.98

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"Hello, Duffy's Tavern, where the elite meet to eat. Archie the manager speaking. Duffy ain't here."

That opening line invited listeners to enjoy the weekly exploits of Archie the Bartender, master of the malaprop; Eddie the Waiter, the ever faithful employee; Miss Duffy, the boss' man-crazed daughter; Clifton Finnegan, dim-witted childhood pal of Archie; the never-present Duffy himself; and just about any famous personage of stage, screen, radio, or music that might drop in at the tavern, usually to try and fulfill one of Archie's misguided endeavors.

Ed Gardner stars alongside Eddie Green, Charlie Cantor, Shirley Booth, Florence Halop, and Sandra Gould. Adding to the mirth and madness are a parade of guest stars - including Milton Berle, Tallulah Bankhead, Peter Lorre, Fred Allen, Alan Ladd, Peggy Lee, Louella Parsons, George Jessel, Rudy Vallee, Mickey Rooney, and more - who drop in to match wits with Archie and the gang!

Includes 20 digitally remastered episodes and a Program Guide by Daniel Riedstra.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Guest: Milton Berle 01-05-43; Guest: Tallulah Bankhead 06-01-43; Guests: Peter Lorre and Raffles the Talking Mynah Bird 10-19-43; Guest: Fred Allen 01-04-44; Guest: Gracie Fields 02-29-44; Guest: Gertrude Lawrence 03-14-44; Guest: Carole Landis 04-11-44; Guest: Ransom Sherman 06-27-44; Finnegan The Millionaire 04-06-45; Guest: Deems Taylor 09-28-45; Eddie Quits (Guest: Maxie Rosenbloom) 11-09-45; Guest: Alan Ladd 01-04-46; Guest: Peggy Lee 02-01-46; Archie Has To Have His Tonsils Out 02-08-46; Archie Returns From Hospital 02-22-46; Archie the Horticulturist 03-01-46; Guest: Louella Parsons 11-06-46; Guests: George Jessel and Rudy Vallee 11-05-47; Guest: Jean Sablon 12-03-47; Guest: Mickey Rooney 03-02-49


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