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Richard Diamond, Private Detective: Dead Men

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 44952
Was: $31.95    Now: $27.16

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Dick Powell is Richard Diamond, Private Detective, the quick-witted, light-hearted detective. Quite possibly radio's first singing detective, Diamond was always quick with a quip or a sarcastic response. He sang his way through over a hundred and fifty fast paced adventures, most of which were written by Blake Edwards before the start of his successful career as a film director.

Everyone from cut-throat business execs to sparring spouses, from real estate men to showgirls, from lawyers to ex-cons, and from fighters to fortune tellers come seeking help with cases of kidnapping, blackmail, mysterious packages, and murder.

In these 16 digitally remastered episodes, Diamond takes the case - along with his sweetheart and side-kick, Helen Asher (Frances Robinson). Generally complicating matters, and occasionally passing work along his way, were homicide detectives: Lieutenant Walt Levinson (Ed Begley Sr.) and Otis Ludlum (Wilms Herbert).

Includes a Program Guide by Rodney Bowcock.

Episodes Include: The Elaine Tanner Case 02-12-50, Photographer's Card 03-26-50, The Statue of Kali 04-05-50, The Butcher Killer 04-12-50, The Mary Bellman Murder Case 06-28-50, The Mike Burton Case 07-05-50, Boxer Max Farmer 08-02-50, The Carnival Case 08-16-50, The Big Foot Grafton Case 08-30-50, The Misplaced Laundry Case 09-06-50, The George Lexington Case 09-13-50, The Oklahoma Cowboy Murder Case 09-27-50, The Pete Rocco Case 10-04-50, The Homing Pigeon Case 10-11-50, The Marilyn Connors Case 01-12-51, Monsieur Beauchand 03-16-51

Please note: This CD-R product is manufactured on demand using recordable media. This allows us to make a wider range of series and episodes available.

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