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The Green Hornet: Fog in the Night

Category: Adventure
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 44922
Price: $39.98

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A man, frustrated with the casual corruption in the world around him, takes the law into his own hands. Britt Reid, a millionaire-playboy turned crusading newspaperman, operates as a masked vigilante by night.

The wartime era represented in this set, a definitive period for the series, finds The Green Hornet fighting against Nazi saboteurs, fifth columnists, and black marketers. These foes are often working in league with his more traditional enemies: predatory businessmen, conniving mobsters, and treasury-rifling politicians.

Nineteen of these twenty exciting episodes have never before been available to the public. Heard for the first time since their original broadcast, you now have an opportunity to listen to these thrilling "lost" adventures of The Green Hornet!

Includes a Program Guide by Elizabeth McLeod.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Fire Blitz 11-21-43, Diamond in the Rough 11-28-43, The Man Who Came Back 12-11-43, Story of a Parrot 12-18-43, Obvious Clue 01-01-44, The Way of a Woman 01-08-44, Lowrey's Big Moment 01-15-44, Pressure From Without 01-29-44, Bent Paper Matches 02-05-44, A Light in the Dark 02-12-44, Short Circuit 02-19-44, Murder Will Out 02-26-44, A Case Of Honor 03-04-44, Fog in the Night 03-11-44, The State Versus Chester Canby 03-18-44, The Man Who Fooled the World 03-25-44, Intrigue on the Waterfront 04-08-44, When Fools Rush In (a.k.a. Death Wears a Mask) 04-11-44, Lady of Intrigue 04-18-44, The Orphan From St. Amand 04-25-44

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