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Sam Spade: The Final Capers

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 44742
Price: $31.95



When Howard Duff, radio’s regular Sam Spade, was dropped from the show, Steven Dunne donned the trench coat. Finding his own brash and boyish style with the role, Dunne’s Spade was much like creator Dashiell Hammett himself – a grown-up teenager who loved a put-on, but could be depended on to be loyal and true despite his own troubles.

In these digitally remastered capers, Hammett’s hard-boiled hero delves in to the domains of daytime serials, journalism, the waterfront, and international intrigue. He comes to the aid of old ladies, little boys, and alluring red-headed ladies by solving cases of missing jewels, mysterious money, and murder.

Features the voice talents of Jack Kruschen, Paul Frees, Cathy Lewis, Fritz Feld, Georgia Ellis, Olan Soule, Virginia Gregg, William Conrad, Joan Banks, Alan Reed, Hans Conried, Verna Felton, and many more.

Includes a Program Guide by William Nadel and an episode of The McCoy starring former Sam Spade star Howard Duff - a decidedly tongue-in-cheek play on the idea that Duff had been “the real McCoy” as Sam Spade.

Episodes Include: The Adventures of Sam Spade: The Dog Bed Caper 12-01-50, The 25-1235679 Caper 12-15-50, The Prodigal Panda Caper 12-29-50, The Biddle Riddle Caper 01-05-51, The Red Star Caper 01-12-51, The Cloak and Dagger Caper 01-19-51, String of Death Caper 02-02-51, The Soap Opera Caper 02-16-51, The Shot in the Dark Caper 02-23-51, The Crab Louis Caper 03-02-51, The Spanish Prisoner Caper 03-09-51, This Sinister Siren Caper 03-16-51, The Kimberly Cross Caper 03-23-51, The Denny Shane Caper 04-06-51, The Civic Pride Caper 04-13-51; The McCoy: Three Wayward Girls 04-25-51

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