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Jack Benny: Maestro

Category: Comedy
Duration: 7 hours
Media: (7) CDs
Catalog Number: 44502
Price: $27.95

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As a comic instrumentalist, sawing away week after week at his violin, Jack Benny stood as radio's reigning off-key virtuoso, producing more laughs per measure than any other comic before or since.

This seven hour set of 14 digitally remastered radio episodes finds Benny and his badly squeaking bow mangling the classics and infuriating the long-suffering Professor Andre LeBlanc (Mel Blanc). He also discovers his "talent" as a songwriter - a skill every bit as highly developed as his ability with the violin.

Mary Livingstone, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, and Don Wilson are on hand - along with guest stars Louis Armstrong, Hoagy Carmichael, George Burns, Danny Kaye, Groucho Marx and Frank Sinatra - and, they're all ears!

Includes a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod featuring photographs and background information about the show.

Episodes Include: Phil Tries To Collect a World Series Bet 10-13-40, Jack Jams With Louis Armstrong 05-09-43, Rochester Lost at Sea - Briefly 02-17-46, Movie of Jack's Life - Thanksgiving Show 11-23-47, One Down, Three to Go 12-07-47, Professor LeBlanc Gives Jack a Violin Lesson 12-05-48, Mary is Sick 05-15-49, Jack Watches TV 02-18-51, Jack Takes His Song to the Publisher 10-14-51, Guadalajara Trio Sings Jack's Song 12-09-51, To New York to Publish Jack's Song 02-10-52, Song Rejected / Carnegie Hall Dream 02-17-52, Surprise Guests Sing Jack's Song 03-02-52, The IRS Interviews Professor LeBlanc About Jack's Violin 03-16-52

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