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Category: Collections
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 48192
Price: $39.98


Radio Spirits is proud to present 10 hours of adventure in this collection of Lost Treasures. Filled with excitement and intrigue, these stories will take you to far-away destinations on quests for lost gold, guarded jewels and other hidden fortunes. This collection offers seventeen digitally restored and remastered tales of danger, mystery and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Be prepared for adventure as you come along on these epic escapades, including the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Treasure Island and Humphrey Bogart's Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Mine the 32-page collectible booklet included in this set for the fascinating facts behind the great radio programs that created these exhilarating episodes.Give yourself over to the exploits and explorations included in this gem of a collection that has been assembled by Radio Spirits.

Episodes Include: THE LUX RADIO THEATRE: Treasure Island 01-29-51; ESCAPE: Plunder of the Sun 11-08-49, The Golden Snake 04-14-50; THE WHISTLER: Treasure Hunt 01-21-46; THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER: They Struck it Rich 03-16-48; THE HALL OF FANTASY: The Treasure of Kublai Khan 07-20-53, The Diamonds of Death 08-31-53; THE LUX RADIO THEATRE: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Starring Humphrey Bogart 04-18-49, THE SHADOW: The House that Death Built 01-25-48; SUSPENSE: The Treasure Chest of Don Jose 10-11-58, The Kandy Tooth 01-11-48; THE LONE RANGER: Treasure Trove Mine 08-12-38, Mountain Trap 01-01-43; BOSTON BLACKIE: The Winthrope Jewel Robberies 05-07-46; FAMILY THEATRE: A Kind of Treasure 01-21-53; INNER SANCTUM: Hangman's Island 09-20-48,Killer at Large 01-09-50


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