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   For Category: "DVD/Video"
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41. Frankenstein's Daughter
Item #: 95492
Media: DVD
Description: "Look at her! She lives!"Dr. Oliver Frank beholds his new creation, a hulking beast with the...
Price: $19.98

42. Panic In Year Zero
Item #: 95477
Media: DVD
Description: Newly Re-mastered in HD! Released just before the Cuban Missile Crisis, this chiller-thriller...
Price: $19.98

43. The Pink Jungle
Item #: 95476
Media: DVD
Description: Deep in the jungle, they hunted the diamonds, the woman, and each other! From director Delbert Mann...
Price: $14.98

44. Sherlock Holmes Vault Collection: Special Edition
Item #: 95471
Media: DVD
Description: Four Classic Mysteries -- all beautifully restored, with exclusive special features -- make this...
Price: $49.98
Please note, this product is TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.

45. Musicals: 20 Movie Collection
Item #: 95469
Media: DVD
Description: This collection of twenty classic movie musicals features Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire, Betty...
Price: $24.98

46. Dark Film Mysteries III
Item #: 95456
Media: DVD
Description: This long awaited sequel to Dark Film Mysteries I and II presents a new selection of thirteen stark...
Price: $19.98

47. The Invisible Man
Item #: 95455
Media: DVD
Description: H.G. Wells' unseen protagonist came to the small screen in this British-made series that ran on CBS...
Price: $19.98
Please note, this product is TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.

48. Devil's Rain
Item #: 95421
Media: DVD
Description: William Shatner, Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Albert, Keenan Wynn, Tom Skerritt, Ida Lupino, and John...
Price: $19.98

49. The Last Days of Patton
Item #: 95403
Media: DVD
Description: Patton lived to win a war, but couldn't survive the peace.Based on a true story, this film finds...
Price: $14.98

50. Paul Newman Trilogy
Item #: 95401
Media: DVD
Description: Watch three early live television performances starring Paul Newman as a college kid, a clothing...
Price: $16.98
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